Hair Restauration / Loss

Micrografting is a rapid, efficient, discrete, and technologically advanced hair replacement method that provides clean results without stitching. The micro-removal of hair bulbs is a revolutionary technique that allows for the immediate transplantation of these follicles to the area desired. Appropriate for men and women as it is perfectly discrete, this procedure is conducted under local anesthesia. This technique is adaptable to both partial and total hair loss with expected hair restoration in a matter of two or three months. Micro-removal also allows the patient to regularly compensate for lost hair immediately much like a treatment lotion that only begins working after three months. The thinning nature of the beginning of baldness is therefore successfully masked.

Definitions and indications

Definitions: minigrafting, micrografting, classic grafting

We define:

Micrografting: principal indications

Avant et apr├Ęs une microgreffe

Generally speaking, micrografting is appropriate to the area above the scalp line. There are other criteria to consider in the operating indications.

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