Hair Restauration / Loss

Dr. Ghalib's team

Experience and confidence are their major qualities - They have been cutting and transplanting for 15 years now. They are familiar with initial "plug" techniques and synthetic hair; they also know the major centers and have met with some of the most demanding patients and practitioners. Much thought and experience informs their current work.

What they think of their job:

An assistant: "I like my work! Given my experience, I can professionally predict a patient's final results after one micrografting session (it takes 6 months for the patient to experience results). I am already content for the patient..."

A doctor: "It is a very gratifying profession, many patients kiss and hug me before leaving. After 6 or 9 months, I often receive: "This changed my life! I feel alive again, rejuvenated. I feel fuller..."

A surgeon: "This process often enhances patients' professional lives, their seductive power, and their love lives. Or it simply improves their daily lives. I remember one airline pilot who, to hide his baldness, would wear a hat in the cockpit in order to supposedly protect himself from sunburns. Today, he has hair and no longer experiences this problem."

An assistant: "Working with the Center for Hair team is pleasant. We work well together and the doctors' aesthetic sensibility likens an artistic flare. This is rare among scientific types."

A doctor: "We are not inevitably interventionist in her approach. If the patient is fine with their baldness, then we reinforces their stance during the consultation."

Cute stories: Henry is 75 years old. The doctor doesn't want to operate and tries to dissuade him from this option given his age. He is nonetheless depressed… After receiving consent from a psychologist, she finally gives in. One year later, he comes back to see us. He is a new man; he has fallen in love and found a companion for life.

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