The European Hair Center is the first center in Europe to be specialized in cutting-edge hair micrografting techniques.

Aesthetic surgery for alopecia and hair restoration treatments have undergone significant improvements these past few years. HAIR GRAFTING tends to make up the majority of surgical responses to hair loss. Today, hair micrografting produces exceptional aesthetic results and is practically painless

Our team is currently one of the most specialized regarding graft removal.

The prices charged at the Center for Hair, for the quality of security assured, are accessible to all. They are some of the least expensive prices quoted in Europe.

The European Hair Center guarantees maximum densification each session without limiting the number of grafts transplanted. The goal is to technically produce the most aesthetically pleasing result possible each session.

Many of our patients are in show business and politics and come from all over the world to take advantage of the innovative methods practiced by our center's doctors.

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